February 2009
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SOUND IN SPACE EXPLORATIONS: an indiscriminate month of sound performances
Thursday, February 5 – Saturday, February 28th, 2009

Sound in Space will traverse diversity by presenting cross sections of the local sound art community. From sound installation to Fluxus note card pieces and Death Metal A Cappella to Modern day Mystics, the topography of the musical fringe is as varied as the Los Angeles community is geographically dispersed. This is a program for the community by artists in the community. Every performance is free with an aim to urge active collaboration and exchange between artists and audiences. While the sea and space are the dark unknowns, they don't have to be unknowable. Sound in Space is a vehicle with which the community is invited to navigate and explore art that has been termed "experimental" or "conceptual;" loose terms that create a barrier rather than extend a hand. The Sea and Space Explorations Gallery hosts performances and installations every weekend (Thursday through Sunday) during the month of February.

Sea and Space Explorations
4755 York Blvd, LA, CA 90042

Susan Allen
Nicole Antebi
Katie Bachler
Bahgdad Batteries
Cooper Baker
Elise Baldwin
Lara Bank
Bonnie Barnett
Jordan Bartee
bavab bavab
Curtis Berak
Bunnies and Kitties
Scott Cazan
Clay Chaplin
Steve Craig
Daniel Corral
Matthew David
Michael Deragon
Pepe Dowal
Aaron Drake
Homesick Elephant
Thadeus Frazier-Reed
Shea Gauer
Vinny Golia
Gawdawful Theater
Dave Holton
Arthur Jarvinen
Hillary Kapan
Jeff Kaiser
Lewis Keller
Ulrich Krieger
Amy Knoles
Kadet Kuhne
Emily Lacey
Cat Lamb
Ed Loftus
Andrew McIntosh
Mark 'frosty' McNeil
Pauline Oliveros
Madame Patima
Aniela Perry
The Pink Canoes
Michael Pisaro
Howie Pyro
Hilary Reed
Sara Roberts
Marc Sabat
Patrice Scnalon
Kari Rae Seekins
Juliana Snapper
Johanthan Snipes
Jim Skuldt
Cassia Streb
Mort Subotnick
Bruce Teter
Mark Trayle
Keith Walsh
Jeff Weber


- Installations in the main gallery throughout the month (Artists TBA).

Shedstallations (nightly with events)
- Commitment in confinement returns with Shed In Space.

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Thursday, 2/5/09 at 8PM - Just Another Crystalline Ring
- We won't harvest the rings of Saturn or the ice caps of Mars anytime soon, but we can enjoy the H2O on this planet while it lasts. Works written for or by our most precious and finite resource, water. Performances and works by Clay Chaplin, Aaron Drake, Allan Kaprow, Lewis Keller, Juliana Snapper and others. Cooper Baker will be in the Endurance Shed

Friday, 2/6/09 at 8PM - Metal Mouth
- An a cappella battle of the bands for Death, Black, Thrash, Doom, Drone, Gothic, Industrial, Speed and even Christian Metal singers.
Metal singers battle it out in an amplified, unaccompanied, five minute freak out session. Howie Pyro (Danzig and D Generation), Susan Allen (harpist and theorist) and Hillary Kapan (philosopher and programmer) will sit in as 'judges' while singers blow your brains out of your ears. Jordan Bartee will be in the Endurance Shed

Saturday, 2/7/09 at 9:15PM - VolkedFolk
- A night of contemporary FOLK music
We bring it back down to earth for a night of contemporary folk music. Performances by Bunnies and Kitties, Daniel Corrral, Homesick Elephant, Emily Lacey, Marshweed and MISSINCINATTI. Aaron Drake and Ed Loftus will be in the Endurance Shed

Thursday, 2/12/09 at 8PM - Card Flux Me Again
- Goodbye Brecht - thanks for your notes.
Sara Roberts leads a participatory event centered around pieces from the Fluxus movement. Performances of works by Milan Knizak, Bengt af Klintberg and others. J. Frede will be in the Endurance Shed

Friday, 2/13/09 at 8PM - Heavenly Hex
- A MISTical magical show show and tour of the deep regions of your twilight zone.
Get your stars read or partake in a group hypnosis and if you still have questions, ask the Ouija. On this Friday the 13th, the heavenly hex will be lifted, the secrets of the universe will be unlocked and the riddles of existence will be answered. Performances and presentations by Susan Allen, Gawdaffull Theater, Katie Bachler, Hiss-Jico-Hum, and Madam Pamita. Kari Seekins will be in the Endurance Shed

Saturday, 2/14/09 at 8PM - outsideINSIDEoutside
- Celebrating the unnaturalness of natural.
Field recordings are played or manipulated. Artists share their documents of the spatialized world. Works by Clay Chaplin, Aaron Drake, Michael Pisaro, Lewis Keller, and many others. A preconcert talk on the history and aesthetics of field recording will be given by Michael Pisaro. Michael Pisaro will also be in the Endurance Shed

Thursday, 2/19/09 at 8PM - Skronk
- Our brains get blown out of our ears now twice in one month!
A night of noise with performances by John Wiese (Bastard Noise), Jonathan Snipes (Captain Ahab), tik///tik, 303-Whatever, and bavab bavab. Lewis Keller will be in the Endurance Shed

Friday, 2/20/09 at 8PM - OMB like OMG!
- Mavericks of the singularity.
A One Man Band is one person playing multiple instruments simultaneosly - like the BORG only not as scary. You'll def want 2TYGFL. Performances by Rizorkestra, Jim Skuldt, Ricky Lee Robinson, and Keith Walsh. Thadeus Reed and Cassia Streb will be in the Endurance Shed

Saturday, 2/21/09 at 8PM - Art in Space
- The last frontiersman has returned!
Works by composer Arthur Jarvinen include selections from his Physical Poetry pieces (abstract theatrical vignettes) as well as a World Premiere. The duo Baghdad Batteries (Art Jarvinen and Lewis Keller) will also perform. Shea Guaer will be in the Endurance Shed

Wednesday, 2/25/09 at 8PM - Heavenly Bodies
- Los Angeles based experimental composers present their shizzle.
Bonnie Barnett will lead a participatory Sea and Space HUM. Works by Mort Subotnick, Marc Sabat, Amy Knoles, Cat Lamb and Tashi Wada will also be presented. Virtual Pauline Oliveros will be in the Endurance Shed

Thursday, 2/26/09 at 8PM - Pipes and Bladders
- Put this in your pipe and squeeze it.
A night dedicated to the bag pipes and the sounds they make. A Lecture and performance by Professor Bruce Teter (UCLA), plus performances by Curtis Berak, Pepe Dosal, Vinny Golia, DRAM! and others. Scott Cazan will be in the Endurance Shed

Friday, 2/27/09 at 8PM - Ulrich Krieger
- This interstellar warrior rips holes in the space-time continuum.
Sound in Space hosts a performance by composer and noise saxophonist Ulrich Krieger. Mark Trayle will be in the Endurance Shed

Saturday, 2/28/09 at 8PM - Bay Area Lock-In
- Aliens have nothing on this abduction.
Performances and installations from our friends of the north. An all night rec center lock-in event. Come celebrate the last night of the festival into the wee morning hours. Works by Kadet Kuhne, Elise Baldwin, the Pink Canoes, Dave Holton and many others. Elise Baldwin will be in the Endurance Shed